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EPI Info 7™ Data Analysis Workshop

Epi Info™ 7 is a suite of FREE data management, analysis, and visualization tools developed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and designed specifically for the public health community

Epi Info™ is used worldwide for research, data management and analysis, the rapid assessment of disease outbreaks; for the development of small to mid-sized disease surveillance systems; as ad hoc components integrated with other large scale or enterprise-wide public health information systems; and in the continuous education of public health professionals learning the science of epidemiology, tools, and techniques.

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EPI Info

The three-day workshop will be delivered through a series of didactic lectures and practical exercises using Epi Info™ 7.

The workshops objectives are to:

- Introduce participants to key data processing and analysis techniques

- Introduce participants to the fundamentals of Epi Info™ 7 Software

- Equip participants to carry out basic data management and analysis using Epi Info™ 7

After completing this workshop participants will be able to:

- Understand the workspace of the different tools (modules) and identify the key features of each.

- Design simple data entry Forms using the Form Designer Tool.

- Implement intelligence to data entry Forms using Check Codes Tool.

- Enter records into an Epi Info™ 7 Form.

- Utilize the Visual Dashboard and Classic Analysis Tools for manipulating, managing, and analysing data.

- Generate statistics e.g. Frequencies, Means, 2x2 Tables.

- Output results into HTML, MS Excel or MS Word formats

Features includes:

- Epi Info™ for Mobile Devices!

- Easy database construction!

- Rapid electronic questionnaire & simple data entry process!

- Visual Dashboard – simplified data analysis with epidemiologic statistics!

- Graphs, maps & visualization!

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